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Wakaba Counseling

Please feel free to consult with us if your child is struggling with academic performance, school problems, family relationships, friendships, how to deal with test scores, how to choose supplemental schools and tutors, and all things related to education.

Wakaba Educational Counseling will help you not only to pass the exam, but also to realize a happy successful future life.

For children's learning, it is necessary to confirm the essential things as the objectification of the parent-child relationship and the foundation of learning.

On top of that, it will be essential to determine how to use preparatory schools and supplemental schools, decide which university you want to go to, and build a learning programming.

With the above as a pillar, the educational consultant will set up a completely private consultation for the child with the guardian and aim to have a clear outlook on the future educational vision.

College Admission Counseling
・School GPA / TEST Scores
・ Resume / Recommendation
・ College List

College Masterplan

College Applications
・ College Essay Clinic
・Complete UC Applications and Common Applications
・ College Transfer Applications

Financial Aid
・ FAFSA / CSS Profile
・ Scholarship
・ FA Specialist Meeting

GPA Management
・ All Subjects up to AP Level
・ College Credit / On-line Courses
・ 1:1 or Small Group Tutoring
・ SAT / ACT / AP / SAT2 Prep
・ AMC / Science Olympiad
・ 1:1 or Small Group Tutoring

RESUME Guidance
・ Personality / Career Test
・ Exploring / Identifying goals
・ Club / Volunteer Services
・ College Summer Programs
・ Internship / Research Programs

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