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We value our daily activities to be run peacefully within a family-oriented environment with the faculties and students to smoothly develop the “Spirit” and “Body” of each child. It important and we believe through the accumulation of daily childcare each individual child will foster and nurture their inner confidence. Our mission is to support each children by fostering their self-confidence and the ability to take steps by solving problems with a strong “Spirit” and “Body”.



We believe in the importance of childhood discipline which will influence each child’s future personality. Futaba Preschool will carefully instruct the children to understand the importance of having compassion and goodwill for others, not to be a nuisance, as well as to have appreciation and gratitude. By also realigning their educational guidelines, we our here to develop a healthy confident child who has the ability to find their interests and solve problems.


Based on our instruction procedures, Futaba Preschool provides a curriculum in respect of Japanese Traditional Culture with music, rhythm games, picture production, exercise, nature observations, language, stories, picture-stories, puppet shows, panel theater, and group activities. We incorporate Hiragana studies within the oldest groups.



  • To develop a healthy balance of the mind, wisdom, and manner for the children.

  • To have the child understand the importance of life and to become compassionate.

  • To develop a child who can sense the beauty of nature.

  • To foster a child who can directly speak their mind and be understand the importance of teamwork.  

  • To grow a child who can build concentration to develop creative skills.

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